Reguler Card


SW Heart Reguler Card (Fancy Card / Pinky Card)



* 10% Discount for every transactions at our Online Channel & Offline Bazaar

* 5% Discount for JNE Shipping

* 1st to know our New Products or Events

* SW Loyalty Points

* Discount Code for Store Launching (mid 2017)


Exclusive Privilege:


* Special Invitation for SW Heart Store Launching (mid 2017)

* Special Chance to be our Models



* SW Heart Reguler Card is free for every purchase upon IDR 750,000 (single receipt) or you can register for just IDR 50,000 (include prepaid-ammount IDR 20,000)

* SW Heart Batik card is free for every purchase upon IDR 1,500,000 (single or multiple receipts)

* SW Heart Black Card is exclusively given to our loyal customers (not for sale)

* Active period: 2 years (Reguler Card & Batik Card) or 5 years (Black Card)

* SW Heart x e-Money Member Card can be used at other public places (tolls, parking, etc.)